Construction Industry Safety Guidelines for Boom Lifts

The Rent boom lift is a great piece of heavy equipment for your business to have, or even for you to own if you already own a construction company. But like any piece of machinery, it can only do so much good if it’s being used properly. Using boom lifts correctly is essential to not only ensuring the safety of employees, but also to ensuring the safety of your customers. So before you start using the equipment, here are a few safety protocol to follow. Remember – if you see something that’s odd, or out of place, don’t use it!

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Safety Protocol Before the work begins, check all security equipment and the machine. If something is wrong, don t use it unless it’s on the right aerial lift. The boom lifts rental company needs to provide you with a well inspected, well maintained unit, but most of all your team is on your side at all times.

Check the Docks/lammators One thing that many people don’t realise about these towable boom lifts is that they also require a strong dock to be setup to safely support the load when it is lifted. Boom lifts usually employ one of two different types of dock – a hydraulic or an electric deck. Using the incorrect type can result in both the motor and the tow vehicle being damaged, and more importantly, the potential of leaking oil or fuel into the environment. Make sure that you’re using the appropriate hydraulic deck for your machine, and ask the company that you rent from if you have a truck that can tow both land vehicles and cars. Also be careful when setting the boom ladders on either side of the trailer, as the taller they are the easier they are to tip over backwards.

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