How Much Is A Building Inspector In Tauranga?

how much is a building inspector in Tauranga

One of the most frustrating questions to be asked when you are working in Tauranga is how much is a building inspector in Tauranga worth? This question often comes up after I have just completed an inspection on a building and am down to the ground in the foundation of the building to check for leaks, cracks and other problems. The value of a building can drastically change after an inspection is carried out and it is often a waste of time for the building owner to go back to the company or builder and ask for the cost of the building inspection. When I ask, “how much is a building inspector in Tauranga worth”, I’m expecting a firm yes/no answer but often the building owners to answer in the negative to avoid the additional cost of having their building re-inspected.



It is not just in New Zealand where building inspections cost so much but even in Australia there is a cost involved. It is not unusual to see a building inspected and then have a proposed budget for repair based upon the cost of the inspection. However, most building inspectors in New Zealand are paid their full hourly wage plus a bonus depending on their experience. In other words they are paid based on the number of days they spend inspecting a building. If the inspection is less than two hours, the cost of the inspection will be split between the hour’s wage.


So, if you are asking, how much is a building inspector in Tauranga worth, the answer depends on what kind of building the building inspector is inspecting. If you have a new build property then most contractors will provide this service for free as it represents the bulk of the cost of constructing a new build property. It also represents a great deal of time and money saved by not needing to add any additional floors or make any structural changes to the property. On the other hand if you have an old building that needs some repair or you are just not sure about the value of the building you are in then a building inspection should be included in your budget as part of the cost of purchasing the property.

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