Know Different Types of Plumbing


The term plumbing refers to any movable structure that carries liquids for various uses. Normally, plumbing utilises pipes, supporting fixtures, pumps, plumbing fixtures, and various other apparatuses for carrying fluids. Pipes and supporting fixtures are putting in place to carry the water from a kitchen or an outside faucet, through a house or some other structure, to a central collection tank. Water from the tank is then moved to various fixtures where it is used for domestic, industrial, or commercial purposes. Some plumbing also carries wastewater, which may be used for irrigation, cleaning, or bathing and other similar purposes. Some homes even have a submersible sewage system.

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Some plumbing involves only supplying water from one location to another while others are involved in moving the water through pipes from one place to another. Some plumbing is also potable in nature, which means that it can carry both clean and dirty water. For instance, you may have a septic tank that carries both clean and dirty water. Many people install septic systems in houses or even commercial structures. The installation of such a plumbing system involves large quantities of copper piping that is usually drawn through the soil.


Some plumbing provides both drinking water and domestic water supply. The main part of a typical household plumbing system is the water-supply tank, which is connected to the main water line or the main sewer line. The water-supply tank stores potable water until it is needed by the household user or the residents of the building. In some countries, separate private waste water treatment systems are installed to treat domestic water before it is supplied to homes.

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