Know More About Killara Early Childhood Care

Killara childcare is located in the centre of Mauritius and is a leading child development centre. With thirty-two locations across the country, it caters for both local needs as well as tourists’ requirements. In fact, it was only in the last decade that Mauritian parents began going to Killara for the early learning of their children, something that was unthinkable ten or fifteen years ago. The success of the Killara childcare centres can be credited to the government of Mauritius, as they invested a lot of money in the establishment of these centres, which were able to provide state of the art facilities for children.

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Besides offering quality education, the Killara Early Learning Centres offers a wide array of educational activities for children ranging from art and music to science and nature. In the recent past, the center has also become one of the leading promoters of yoga in Mauritius, which has gained them a lot of support from local as well as international community. The center offers a wide variety of amenities for their clients, such as daycare centers, preschools, primary and secondary schools, a day care center, sports, vocational and customs development. Apart from all these, the center has four swimming pools and two full-scale swimming complexes. However, with the increase in demand for childcare in Mauritius, the number of swimming pools has also gone up over the last few years, which are managed by the Killara Early Learning Centres.


Another important aspect of the Killara Early Learning Centres is that they provide accommodation for children of all age groups. If you are planning to send your child to this centre, you can find the addresses of all its branches in the zip codes mentioned above. As for the location of this centre, all you need to do is get in touch with their offices or visit their websites to get more information about their services. Apart from residential services, they also provide daycare services at a fee. The fees are variable, depending upon the age of your child and the number of kids in your family. Hence, it is very important that you discuss the same with your childcare provider before enrolling your child in any particular company.

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