Medicare Supplement Plan N: What Does It Cover?

Medicare Supplement Plan N is the most popular Medicare supplement plan available to seniors today. Unlike most other plans, Medicare Supplement Plan N doesn’t cover any of the coverage provided by Medicare Parts A and B, but does offer some extra benefits for senior citizens who need them. Medicare Supplement Plan N also covers 100% of your original Medicare Parts A and B coinsurance expenses, with two exceptions. You’ll still be responsible for paying out-of-pocket expenses for:


Medicare Supplement Plan N also covers additional services, such as vision care, hearing aids, blood pressure monitoring, and cholesterol control medications. Medicare Supplement Plan A doesn’t cover hearing aids or cholesterol medications but does cover chiropractic services in order to prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. Medicare Supplement Plan N also covers maternity benefits and may even include coverage for pre-existing conditions. As you can see, Medicare Supplement Plan N offers seniors a lot of choices regarding their healthcare coverage. While it covers everything that Medicare does, there are some limitations as to which Medigap plans cover the same things.


When choosing a Medicare supplement plan, whether it covers all the things you need or not, always consult with your doctor and let him or her know what exactly you’d like your Medicare plan to do for you. While it pays to be informed about your own healthcare needs, don’t forget that your insurance company may have other requirements that are different from those listed above. If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask. Medicare Supplement Plan N usually gives seniors plenty of freedom in choosing the plan that works best for them. Check out

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