Scuba Diving Enthusiasts Talk About the Purge Mask

A purgemask is a specific kind of diving mask which has a single purge valve in it. A purgemask is used in situations where the water in the mask may get contaminated and the water cannot be cleaned out with traditional scrubbing techniques. A purgemask is used only when the water in the mask is dirty or contaminated and you cannot clean it out using normal methods. A purgemask is used primarily in industrial or professional scuba diving applications, but there are models for recreational scuba diving available as well.

How to Shop For the Perfect Purge Mask

There are two types of purgemask masks available to purchase today, the first being a standard one which is the most common one you will find at stores such as Walmart and Home Depot. The second is a more heavy duty “hot” version which is commonly sold online and can also be found at specialty shops. Both of these models use a high-pressure jet stream system to purge the water from your face in either an oxygen enriched or carbon dioxide depleted stream. The carbon dioxide models use a small but powerful fan to blow the contaminants away from your nose and mouth. Both models require standard diver valves, and a three-pronged outlet (two flaps, one outlet) is also included.

If you are not familiar with the workings of a purifier, I would suggest you do some research on the internet before purchasing one for your scuba diving needs. There is much information available on the internet that will help you understand the basic functions of a purifier and the way it works. I would also suggest doing a search on different model numbers of purifiers and how long they have been on the market. You should be able to find user reviews of any model you are interested in. Make sure to choose a brand that is well known and has a solid reputation for reliability.

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