The Best Method For Removing Tape From Human Hair Extensions

tape in human hair extensions

After having the tape in human hair extensions fitted, you need to take them out and reposition them every few weeks, depending upon how fast your own hair grows. If you tend to lose your head-space quickly, it’s a good idea to keep the tape in place as it will make your style look much better than if you simply leave it loose. When you reposition the tape in your extensions, you should not cut it on the edges but work from the center so that it looks more natural. If you are wondering how you can remove the tape in human hair extensions, carefully go through detailed guide below on how you can do it easily. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know how to do it

Here Is A Quick Cure For Tape In Human Hair Extensions

For tape in human hair extensions that are sewn in, simply soak the head-space in warm water with a mild soap or oil, by pressing a toothbrush into the hair-extension for several seconds before it is fully clean. If the tape has come undone due to some reason, you should first remove the sewn portion and then wash it with another gentle detergent, using gentle agitation as you gently blot the area to get rid of any soap residue. The next thing you need to do is to gently run a soft brush over the tape, making sure to get rid of all the tangles, dirt and debris, as well as the embedded hairs which can cause hair damage. Once you are done, simply rinse the extension with warm water and then use a separate rinse cycle to make sure that all traces of the tape are removed.

When you are removing the adhesive from your tape in human hair extensions, it is important that you don’t push the tape too hard since this can cause fraying. The tape should be pulled gently but firmly. With the help of a towel, gently but thoroughly slide the tape from one side to another, making sure to go around all of the hair-extensions, being careful to not push them too close together. Then, simply place the tape back on the head-space, making sure to smooth it out with a little bit of air between each strip of tape.

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